DNA extraction of common garden broodstock:

  1. SS4_2b (redo of extraction attempted on 11/18/15)
  2. NF5_1
  3. NF5_2
  4. NF5_3
  5. NF5_4
  6. NF5_5
  7. NF5_6
  8. NF5_7
  9. NF5_8
  10. NF5_9
  11. NF5_10
  12. NF5_11
  13. NF5_12
  14. NF5_13
  15. NF5_14
  16. NF5_15
  17. NF5_16
  18. NF5_17
  19. NF5_18
  20. NF5_19

Afterwards, got the concentration of these extractions with Qubit. Plated of 1ug of DNA for Libraries 2, 3, and 4 (see “Libraries” sheet of the Common Garden Samples datasheet). Put Airpore tape over the plates and left in an incubator at 37degC.

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