Presenting at Evolution and Updating Github

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been hanging around the Pacific Northwest, first going out to Tatoosh Island with my adviser, followed with some hiking, and then finishing up at the Evolution meeting in Portland, OR.  I gave an oral presentation of the first chapter of my dissertation on the population structure of Olympia oysters that you can check out here, and a poster of a paper that’s going to be submitted soon looking at adaptive differences among 3 populations of oysters in Puget Sound, WA (here). I’ve also been cleaning up my Github so that scripts and notebooks are better organized by project and have more documentation to them. In particular, I cleaned up the notebooks detailing the figures I made in my talk at Evolution.

Goals June 2017

This is my first summer in Chicago and first summer during my dissertation without any fieldwork! Instead I’ll be doing lots of lab work to process samples from previous field seasons and a bit of writing on the first and second chapters of my dissertation. Since our adviser and most of our lab is away for the summer, my lab mate and I are instigating monthly summer goals. To accountability!