Submitted 2bRAD Library 6 for Sequencing

I submitted another 2bRAD library today. This one has 25 samples of pooled Ostrea lurida larvae (and 3 samples from juvenile spat). Some of the samples correspond to the growth experiments done in Summer 2015, some of them correspond to the G2 South Sound oysters being used in Laura’s experiment, and some are just extras. The main goals of this library are to:

  1. See what pooled 2bRAD data “looks” like
  2. determine the amount of sequencing depth needed for confident genotyping (i.e. how many samples can go on a lane)
  3. determine if parentage can be assigned using 2bRAD sequencing from adults
    1. Bonus if successful- get an idea of how many parents contributed to my experiments

Details and notes from the library prep (including protocol) can be found at this Benchling note.

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