Thursday 2016-09-01

  • Checked for mortalities
    • CA1T (2), CA4B (2), CA2T (1), 011 from OR1T
  • I bought 150 white shellfish tags (1/8″ x 1/4″) labelled 000-149 in order to label some of the oysters to be used in the OA experiment. This is to help determine which population an oyster belongs to in case it gets mixed up during sampling.
    • Sean used seawater epoxy to attach tags to some of the oysters that will be used in the adult OA experiment. Before attaching tags, he recorded weight for the oyster in grams. He tried to randomize the oysters chosen for the experiment by size.
    • Since some oysters already had orange shellfish tags (labelled 001-074) from the summer larval experiment, all subsequent labels will have a “W” to denote the ID of an oyster with a white tag. To cure the epoxy, these oysters were left in a single layer on the bottom of a bucket with an airstone and flow-through of algae and seawater.


  • I took pictures and counted the number of live oysters on some of the tiles from the larval experiment, as well as emptied out some silos that still had larvae in them. If any larvae had set on the side of the silos, I counted them and scraped them off into a 1.5 mL tube with RNALater. Tiles with oysters on them were left hanging in a bucket fed by the oyster broodstock manifold.
    • Tiles w/oysters: B61, B89, B67, A48
    • Tiles w/out oysters: A82, A71
    • Silos: A26, A48, A27
  • I dissected adductor muscle from some California and Oregon oysters that were not going to be used in the adult OA experiment.
    • CA4B_A, CA4B_B, CA4B_C (tiny oyster attached to CA4B_B),CA4B_D, CA4B_E, CA4B_F, CA4B_G, CA4B_H, CA4B_I, CA4B_J, CA4B_K
    • OR2T_E, OR2T_F, OR2T_G, OR2T_H, OR2T_I, OR2T_J, OR2T_K, OR2T_L, OR2T_M, OR2T_N, OR2T_O, OR2T_P, OR2T_Q, OR2T_R
    • OR5B_A, OR5B_B
    • OR2B_A, OR2B_B (attached to C), OR2B_C (attached to B), OR2B_D, OR2B_E, OR2B_F


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