Wed. 2016-08-31

Wednesday 2016-08-31

  • Screened out silos from the new new experiment started ??. Day 7
ID Family Sample Action
B24 EtOH Dumped
A16 EtOH Dumped
B37 250 in RNALater, 100 in EtOH Larvae returned to clean silo
  • Counted and took pics of tiles that had already been removed from silos. For tiles that had at least 20 oysters I sampled ~10 oysters and stored in RNALater.
ID Family Sample Action
A46 No Had oysters, replaced
A10 11 Had oysters, replaced
A90 10 Had oysters, replaced
A85 13 Had oysters, replaced
B58 16 Had oysters, replaced
B64 all oysters Not returned, no pic
B54 10 Had oysters, replaced
A84 0 No oysters, not returned

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