Wet Lab posts on Benchling

A few weeks ago I made 2 more Genotype-by-Sequencing libraries for my Olympia Oyster population structure study, made up mostly of redos and some samples from the sister species Ostrea conchaphila. I tried out the free version of Benchling for it and really liked the interface and how it organizes protocols with your notes. I’ll continue using it for my wet lab notes and post the links to my entries here. All field work posts and analysis updates will still be posted here. The link to my Benchling is:


This link is on my About page as well.

3 thoughts on “Wet Lab posts on Benchling

  1. Oooooh, I’ve had my eye on this for some time, but couldn’t really identify any advantages over the ONS notebook. What else do you like about Benchling, other than the protocol organization?


    • It keeps version history of your notes and protocols which is really nice, and I like that a single “note” can clearly have multiple days in it. I felt this organizes lab work that spans multiple days better than making a post for each day in WordPress and since you don’t have to actively “share” the notebook it doesn’t feel like an extra step to write down what I did and upload it to wordpress later. Notes can be tagged and organized into folders and notebooks which feels more lie EverNote (my previous note taking app). If you’re interested, I can invite you! (and get more storage space lol)


  2. Thanks for the info. The multi-day “grouping” of posts is a huge plus! I’m already registered, but shoot me an invite at my UW address and I’ll sign up for an account with that!


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