Friday 11/13/15

Starting to setup the 2b-rad libraries of adult broodstock that will be sent off in a couple weeks for sequencing. I made a sheet labelled “Libraries” on the Common Garden DNA Samples datasheet outlining which sample will go in which library. With our barcodes we can sequence up to 96 samples per lane. I decided to do about 75 per lane across 4 lanes, mixing up the 3 populations across the lanes. I’ll also repeat 3 samples across all lanes and repeat 2 samples within each lane.

I got the concentration of the extractions for NF2 with Qubit and then pipetted out 1 ug of DNA for the samples in Library 1 in a 96 well plate. I put Airpore tape over the plate and left it in a 37degC incubator to dry out.


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