Friday 10/16/15

Common Garden 2b-RAD

Gel extracted 2b-rad PCR samples from Wednesday 10/14/15 using the Qiagen Gel Extraction Kit. Incubated 40 uL of elution buffer on the column for 5 minutes. Decided that going forward I would run PCR product out on a low melt gel and use gelase instead of the kit to save time/money.

Quantified gel extracted samples with High Sensitivity Qubit. Multiplied 37 uL by the lowest concentration to get ng per sample to add to pool, then calculated how many uL of each sample to add to pool. 37 * .373 = 13.8 ng.

Population Sample ng/uL after gel Vol to add to pool (uL)
Oyster Bay BS_2_6 0.907 15.21499449
Oyster Bay BS_2_7 0.388 35.56701031
Oyster Bay BS_2_8 0.661 20.8774584
Hood Canal BS_1_5 0.731 18.87824897
Hood Canal BS_1_6 1.45 9.517241379
Hood Canal BS_1_7 0.853 16.17819461
Hood Canal BS_1_8 0.96 14.375
Fidalgo BS_1_4 0.873 15.80756014
Fidalgo BS_1_5 0.373 36.99731903
Fidalgo BS_1_6 1.07 12.89719626

GBS Population Structure

Made new annealed adaptors for GBS as the current stock was over 2 years old. Followed Buckler lab protocol. buckler_lab_genotyping_by_sequencing_protocol_20110808

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