Wednesday 8/19/15 and Thursday 8/20/15

Wednesday 8/19/15

There was a silo making party at the hatchery today for the rock scallop project. With little animal husbandry to do, I decided to do a DNA extraction and help out making silos while the tissue was digesting.

Tile Culling

  • HCA_7: 33 removed
  • NFA_1: 123
  • NF_A_2: 134
  • NF_A_3: 102
  • NF_A_4: 32

Cultch Set

NF_A + NF_New -> NF> 450_B; NF_New

DNA Extraction

Took tissue out of RNALater onto sterile weigh boat and cut off ~30 mg of tissue with scalpel (have previously weighed out chunks of adductor muscle tissue to help eyeball this amount). Replaced rest of tissue in RNALater. Wiped scalpel and forceps with 85% ethanol and sterilized over benchtop bunsen burner in between samples. Otherwise, followed EZNA protocol as described in a previous post.

  1. SS2_1
  2. SS2_2
  3. SS2_3
  4. SS2_4
  5. SS2_5
  6. HC1_1
  7. HC1_2
  8. HC1_3
  9. HC1_4
  10. HC1_5
  11. NF1_1
  12. NF1_2

Thursday 8/20/15

Tile Set B

  • bleached line
  • cleaned tanks
  • did counts for HC_SetB and NF_SetB

Tile Set A

Had a discussion with Ryan on the ferry about outplanting my tiles. He recommended transitioning the setters slowly to ambient temperature (they are still on heated at 18degC). My room at the hatchery is not really set up for this, so Alice helped me set up one of the large tanks outside that has a heated and an ambient spigot. I tried to just set the tiles on the large 400um mesh screens, but they did not all fit so I just randomized the tiles among 3 poultry wire setups (the same that were in the setting system tanks). The spigots are at one end of the tank and the outflow is at the other, promoting water flow. Food is splashed in by hand and then added in through a dropper. Some of the outflow is actually pumped back in to the side of the tank with the tiles to reduce algae waste.

Tile culling

  • NFA_5: 29 removed
  • SSA_3: 15
  • SSA_5: 61
  • SSA_2: 10
  • SSA_6: 13

Cultch Set

  • NF >1000 -> NF >1600; NF> 1000
  • NF > 450 ->  NF > 1000; NF > 450
  • HC > 1000 -> HC > 1600; HC > 1000
  • HC> 450  ->  HC > 1000; HC > 450

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