Sunday 8/16/15 – Tuesday 8/18/15

Sunday 8/16/15

Came in on a Sunday to knock out some more dissections and transition to a Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday cleaning for this week since I’d be out of town on Friday.


  • NF3 and NF5


  • Bleached the line
  • Rinsed tiles and cultch
  • Cleaned all of the A tanks, HC_SetB, and NF_SetB
  • Counts for HC_SetB and NF_SetB

Monday 8/17/15

Cultch Set

  • HC SetA + HC Set New -> HC >450; HC Set New
  • HC > 450 -> HC >1000; HC > 450


  • HC1, HC2, HC2, HC3


  • rinsed tiles and cultch
  • cleaned SS_SetB tank

Tile Culling

Started culling for density off of tiles from A sets that were very crowded. Using a clean scalpel, I would remove spat so that only ~30 were left on a side of a tile. I put the spat in a 1.5 mL tube, rinsed with freshwater Millepore water, then stored in RNALater. I kept track of how many were taken from a tile, but in some cases it is an estimate when I was scraping off many that had settled on top of each other. My primary goal was to reduce the time the tile was out of the water.

  • HC_SetA_1: 300 removed
  • HC_SetA_2: 160
  • HC_SetA_3: 17 from front, 8 from back
  • HC_SetA_4: 420 from front

Tuesday 8/18/15


  • HC4, HC5 (finished!)


  • Bleached the line
  • Cleaned all tanks
  • Counts for B set

Cultch Set

  • SS_SetA + SS_Set_New -> SS >450; SS_Set_New (on 1000 cultch)

Tile Culling

  • HC_SetA_4: 400 front
  • HC_SetA_5: 150
  • HC_SetA_6: 76

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