Thursday 8/6/15 and Friday 8/7/15

Thursday 8/6/15

Finally had time to collect the new larvae that I’ve been putting back in the buckets. Most were dead, but can still be used to inform how many have been produced over the past few days. Dumped out all of them. Otherwise caught up on counting from Wednesday and cleaning the tanks that were emptied out.

Friday 8/7/15

Started actively randomizing the order of the tanks on the line. While they were always mixed up when cleaning, now I made sure no tank was in the same place 2 cleanings in a row.

Larval tanks

  • NF_Tank2_160 (224) -> 13,300 total: 500 for DNA, rest to NF_SetB
  • NF_Tank2_160 (100) -> spilled ~400 mL on table. Rinsed what larvae I could off of table onto screen. Swimmers added back.
  • HC_Tank2_160 (224) -> 9,000 total: 500 for DNA, rest added to HC_SetB
  • HC_Tank2_160 (100) -> swimmers only
  • SS_Tank2_160 (224) -> 26,425 total, 425 to DNA, 13,000 to SS_SetB, 13,000 to new silo with cultch
  • SS_Tank2_160 (100) -> swimmers only

Tile Set

Total added

  • SS_SetB: 60,500
  • HC_SetB: 54,925
  • NF_SetB; 34,637

Did counts for NF_SetA, HC_SetA, and SS_SetA.

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