Monday 8/3/15

Setting System

Last week, I decided to make a 2nd tank with tiles for each of the populations. This stemmed from not seeing as many setters as I’d like on the tiles in the 1st set-up, and because there were still so many in the “160” tanks. Also, having 2 tanks per population can mitigate “tank effects”- possible tank-specific differences that might confound population differences. I picked up some more PVC sheet, had it cut into 4″ x 4″ tiles at the store, and roughed them up in between today’s tank cleanings. To ensure enough larvae set per tile, I’m going to add up to 60,000 larvae per tank over the course of 1 week. While this means some larvae will be a few more days older than others, after an extended period of time this will be insignificant for measuring growth rate.

Did counts for NF_SetA and HC_SetA to get an idea of how many were left to set (ran out of time for SS_SetA).

Larvae tanks

Measured out the “160” tanks over 224, 200, and 100 to get an idea of how many 224s I will get over the next week.

  • NF_Tank2_160 (224) -> 13,406 total: 500 for DNA, 12,906 to NF_SetB
  • NF_Tank2_160 (200)
  • NF_Tank2_160 (100) -> swimmers only added back
  • NF_Tank1_new (100) -> swimmers only added back
  • NF_Tank1_new (160) -> NF_Tank2_160
  • HC_Tank2_160 (224) -> 31,400 total: 500 for DNA, 30,900 added to HC_SetB
  • HC_Tank2_160 (200)
  • HC_Tank2_160 (100) -> swimmers only
  • HC_Tank1_new (100) -> swimmers only
  • HC_Tank1_new (160) -> HC_Tank2_160
  • SS_Tank2_160 (224) -> 20,200 total, 500 to DNA, 19,700 added to SS_SetB
  • SS_Tank2_160 (100) -> swimmers only
  • SS_Tank1_new (100) -> swimmers only
  • SS_Tank1_new (160) -> SS_Tank2_160

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