Friday 7/31/15

Nine larvae/setting tanks to clean! Michael and I had an evening flight out east for his cousin’s wedding, so today was a pretty rushed day trying to get everything done and still make the 4:05p ferry.

Larvae tanks

  • NF_Tank2_160 (224) -> 31,200 total: 500 for DNA, 11,000 to cultch set B, 19,700 dumped out
  • NF_Tank2_160 (100) -> swimmers only added back
  • NF_Tank1_new (100) -> swimmers only added back
  • NF_Tank1_new (160) -> NF_Tank2_160
  • HC_Tank2_160 (224) -> 17,281 total: 500 for DNA, 11,000 added to cultch set B, 5,781 added back to HC_Tank2_160
  • HC_Tank2_160 (100) -> swimmers only
  • HC_Tank1_new (100) -> swimmers only
  • HC_Tank1_new (160) -> HC_Tank2_160
  • SS_Tank2_160 (224) -> 11,537 total, 537 to DNA, 11,000 to cultch set B
  • SS_Tank2_160 (100) -> swimmers only
  • SS_Tank1_new (100) -> swimmers only
  • SS_Tank1_new (160) -> SS_Tank2_160

Cultch Setting System

Set up a 2nd silo replicate for all 3 populations. As SS only had ~11,000 224-sized larvae, I added 11,000 larvae to each of the silos. 5,781 extra HC larvae were added back to HC_Tank2_160. With NF, there were ~9,000 dead 224-sized larvae- most likely due to my adding the the ones I wasn’t using back in to Tank2_160. If a larva that is ready to set can’t find an appropriate surface, it will eventually die. I dumped out the 19,700 larvae that were not used in the cultch set (see previous post for my regret about this).

New larvae

Only saw some larvae in HC and SS. I ran out of time to take samples for counting, so just screened out the larvae, cleaned the broodstock buckets, and dumped the larvae back into the buckets.

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