Friday 6/26/15 and Sunday 6/28/15

Friday 6-26-15

Larvae in catch buckets:

  • Some: HC3, HC2(maybe), HC4, NF5, HC1, SS5, SS1 (maybe)
  • Lots: NF1, NF2 (bottom), SS2, SS4
  • Added to NF_Tank1, SS_Tank2, and HC_Tank2
  • Combined all the families from a group together again for screening and counting.
  • I also screened out the buckets that the broodstock are kept in while I’m cleaning. All of them had a few thousand larvae in them, and these were added to the appropriate tank.

Larval tank counts:

  • SS_Tank1: over a 140 screen and a 100 screen. Needed to use 2 beakers for the 140 as there were so many. Most of the larvae that were on the 100 screen were dead, so I did not add these back to the tank as they may make the rest of the larvae sick.
  • HC_Tank1: screened them over a 160 micron screen and a 100 micron screen, as this tank has the oldest larvae. I was excited to see that some of them had indeed grown up, as about half of the larvae held on the 160 screen.
  • NF_Tank1
  • While taking the 1 mL samples from the SS_Tank1 beakers, I noticed the pipet tip did not fill up to the 1 mL mark. This is a PSRF pipet, and an older model. I compared the pipet to another one from the molecular lab I knew to be calibrated, and found that the PSRF pipet consistently gave .8 mL instead of 1 mL. This was the same pipet I used on Thursday and the same one Steven used on Wednesday. I’ll ask him if he noticed the pipet tip looking low, but for now I’ve changed the spreadsheet from those 2 days to reflect a drop size of .8.

Larval count data

Cleaning: had Natalie help clean some of the broodstock buckets.

I did not enter the data from my waterproof notebook into my spreadsheet until Sunday. This is when I noticed I had gained ~5,000 larvae in NF_Tank1. I

Sunday 6-28-15

I came in Sunday planning to shift some of the M-W-F cleaning to Sat/Sun-Tues-Thurs so that I have more time for taking samples and setting up the next stage. Unfortunately, the hot water went down again for a few hours which delayed cleaning. I wasn’t able to filter out the newly spawned larvae, but I did filter out all the 100 L larval tanks and counted them.

Observed larvae:

  • Some: NF1, HC3
  • Lots: SS1, HC5, SS2, SS3, HC4, SS4

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