Wednesday 6-24-15

Steven Roberts came to help out today, which made the Wednesday cleaning/collecting larvae only take about 2.5 hours. He did all of the larval counts, filtered out the SS larval catches, and cleaned many of the buckets. We decided in the interest of time to just qualitatively note individual family output of larvae and then combine the larval output from each family in a population for counting.

Families that were filtered for larvae:

  • very little/some larvae: HC2, SS5, SS2, SS4, SS3
  • lots: NF5, HC3
    • for both of these the larvae seemed to be clustering near the bottom (dead??)
SS5 seemed to release some sperm when put in the bucket with all the other SS families.
I’ve organized my datasheet for larval counts a little differently.
  • The 1st sheet, “Day 1”, is the raw data from counting the larval output from the broodstock.
  • The 2nd sheet, “Larval tank counts”, is the raw data from counting the number of live/dead larvae filtered out of the 100 L larval tanks. It also lists the estimated ages of the cohorts in the tanks.
  • The 3rd sheet- “Larval tanks running total”- is formatted like a bank account transaction list, with larval tanks for each population the “accounts”. This incorporates data from the first 2 sheets to let me know approximately how many larvae I have in the 100 L tanks at a time. The differences between counts is also my estimated mortality (although some of this is due to leakage during cleaning).

Update 6-25-15

  • On Tuesday 6-23-15, the seawater was shut off for about 3 hours. Also, there was an issue with the airline so that tanks may not have been bubbling for a while. When I went in on Wednesday, all tanks seemed to be bubbling fine.

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