Monday, Nov. 3, 2014

  • Run out PCR from 10/22
    • All bright bands at 500 bp, control=negative
  • Rerun DNA extracts
    • BC2_13: very low conc
    • CA4_17: vey bright with smear
    • CA4_19: 5
    • OR2_17: very low conc
    • BC1_3: nothing
    • BC1_6: nothing
  • Set up overnight extraction BC3_01-9,11 and (San Diego) CA1_1,2,4,5, 13-22
    • BC3_10 was dark, cloudy so did not extract
    • BC3_2 and 7 had yellow ethanol, put in new tubes/ethanol
    • BC3_8 had very little tissue (juvenile)

Updated sample sheet here

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